Zero binary copy option anyontion

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The /v command-line option also slows down the copy command, because each sector recorded on the disk must be checked. ... In binary mode, copy /b copies all characters (that is, including special characters, ... Copying zero-length files.

zero binary copy option

"Zero-copy" describes computer operations in which the CPU does not perform the task of copying data from one memory area to another. This is frequently ...See the --preserve option for controlling which attributes to copy. .... space and increase speed, since many binary files contain lots of consecutive zero bytes.

As it loads the table, COPY attempts to implicitly convert the strings in the source ... The default behavior, without this option, is to load the space characters as is. .... also referred to as NUL (UTF-8 0000) or binary zero (0x000), COPY treats it as  ...The COPY command in PostgreSQL has options to read from or write to the ... always be zero when the overall copy format is textual, but the binary format can  ...If there are any columns in the table that are not in the column list, COPY ... This option is not allowed when using binary format. .... The binary file format consists of a file header, zero or more tuples containing the row data, and a file trailer.

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